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Dental Technology

Photograph of Del Mar Dental in Fort Worth, TX Technology advancements in dentistry have revolutionized the way dentists and patients interact with each other. Before, a simple dental visit would mean several tedious steps such as x-rays and a physical examination. Now, all of these steps can be done quickly and efficiently with the help of modern dental technology with minimal discomfort for the patient. In addition, dental technology advancement helps dentists come up with accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. Del Mar Dental is at the forefront of these revolutionary technologies to ensure our patients receive the best possible care.

What is Dental Technology?

Dental technology is a field of the dental sciences that focuses on using advanced tools and techniques to recreate dental anatomy. It encompasses many areas, from developing new materials and devices to designing, repairing, and altering dental prosthetics. The key players in this field are dental technicians, lab scientists, metallurgists, and other compound specialists.

At its core, dental technology is all about improving patient outcomes. Dentists can provide more precise treatments with fewer complications by utilizing cutting-edge tools and techniques.

Who Are Dental Technologists?

Dental technologists are professionals who specialize in creating prosthetic devices such as dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, and orthodontic appliances based on prescriptions from dentists. Various materials are used to create these prosthetic devices. They include acrylic resin, metal alloys, porcelain, and titanium.

To design prosthetics that fit well, dental technologists must have a high skill level and be familiar with human anatomy and physiology. In addition to creating prosthetic devices, dental technologists also work closely with dentists to design patient treatment plans. They also research the latest techniques or materials that could be used to improve the results.

Types of Dental Technologies

Modern dental labs utilize various technologies to create customized prosthetic devices for patients. Air abrasion allows technicians to precisely remove decay and repair old restorations without needing a local anesthetic. It acts in place of traditional dental drills.

Bone replacement technology, such as autogenous man-made bone replacement, cadaver/animal, and grafting, help replace missing jawbone. This is especially helpful when a patient has experienced extensive tooth loss or trauma and requires an implant procedure.

CAD/CAM (computer-assisted design, computer-assisted manufacture) systems allow technicians to fabricate accurate prosthetic restorations such as crowns, bridges, and veneers in a single visit. The CAD/CAM system takes detailed digital scans of the existing teeth, uses special software to design a prosthetic for the patient, and then mills it out of a block of porcelain. Digital imaging has also become increasingly popular in the dental field. Digital x-rays let dentists accurately diagnose decay and other issues with the teeth. Digital impressions can capture a detailed 3D image of the entire mouth, which can be used to create accurate prosthetic devices.

Some labs also use lasers for cutting materials such as acrylics or waxes, which can then be shaped into custom-fit prosthetics. The laser may also be used in place of sutures in some procedures. Other technologies used in dental labs include 3D printing, digital dentures, intra-oral cameras, optical scanners, NTI splints, CAT scans, and more.

These advances have improved dental prosthetics' accuracy, speed, and patient comfort of dental prosthetics and made it easier for technicians to create customized restorations.

Del Mar Dental features advanced dental technology to ensure the best possible results for its patients. We invite you to call us at to make your appointment with our specialists and learn more about dental technology.

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