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Digital Radiography
Fort Worth, TX

Doctor discussing x-ray with child patient at Del Mar Dental in Fort Worth, TXOne of the best aspects of rapidly improving dental technology is that it tends to provide new ways to carry out old tasks. This is perhaps especially true when it comes to dental care. Today, dentists have a wide array of tools at their disposal to help make the patient experience a pleasant and effective one. Digital radiography is one advancement that really enhances our ability to work with you to find dental solutions quickly. Whether it is a small dental procedure or something major, our professionals can help you get it done a lot quicker with the help of digital radiography. This convenient process makes receiving x-rays simple. For more information, visit our office at Del Mar Dental.

Convenient for Patients

One of the best things about digital radiography is that it is a digital process. This means it is much safer for patients than other options. For many years people were not sure about whether or not they could have an x-ray done safely for pregnant women, for example, but with this technology that is no longer a concern – it is safe for just about everyone. It also gives us the ability to work with more people and to find solutions to their dental needs as quickly as possible.

This quick and easy imaging solution generates an image of your teeth or jaw on our computer screen, allowing our professionals to explain all dental issues to you and work through the diagnosis process logically. And, unlike a traditional X-ray, digital radiography is modern and easy to understand. As a result, we are able to improve communication between our professionals and our patients.

No Wait Times

When you have a traditional x-ray done, you do not receive the results right away because the images need to develop. This can put a delay not only in diagnosis and treatment, but also your day. If you are waiting for x-rays and need them as quickly as possible, you might find yourself spending more time than you would like in a lab. Digital radiography makes all of that unnecessary. Because the images are digital, they show up immediately and enable our team to make informed decisions about the best dental care for your needs in a timely manner.

Enhanced Record Keeping

When it comes to major dental procedures, it is important to have a record of the patient’s dental history. This enables our professionals to look back on the records and cross-check them before they move forward with a new procedure. Maintaining dental records also helps our professionals provide quicker and more efficient solutions to the patients. Digital radiography makes the record-keeping process an easy one and improves our ability to access information.

Digital radiography is a great alternative to traditional x-rays. It offers patients more accurate treatment options that take all of their dental history into account and make the experience a more seamless one.

If you are interested in how digital radiography can benefit you, reach out to us at (817) 710-2609 or visit our office at Del Mar Dental.
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If you are interested in how digital radiography can benefit you, reach out to us or visit our office at Del Mar Dental in Fort Worth.
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