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Close up of woman placing guard into mouth at Del Mar Dental in Fort Worth, TXAt Del Mar Dental, we provide mouthguards that help protect your oral health and smile while you sleep. Protective night guards and mouth guards provide the necessary protection to preserve your healthy, beautiful smile.

Unfortunately, some people are reluctant to wear protective night guards and mouth guards because they fear that they’ll be cumbersome and bulky. However, we provide custom-made mouth guards at our office, made from the best materials to guarantee a functional, durable, and comfortable alternative to the store-bought options. Our patients find that these expertly designed mouth guards provide a higher level of defense while being a sheer delight to wear.

What Are Night Mouthguards?

These are small plastic pieces designed to fit comfortably around teeth. Made out of clear plastic, they’re typically not noticeable when you put them on. This is great news for people who are self-conscious about their looks but want to protect their teeth.

The main reason why you should wear a night guard will be established during your routine dental exam. Typically, night guards are worn to:

Ease Pain

Nighttime teeth grinding may cause severe toothache and headaches in the morning. Do you regularly wake up feeling uncomfortable or in pain? If so, this could be a sign you need to put on a night guard while sleeping. Many patients feel considerably better after wearing our night guards for a few days, and the secret is to wear them every night. Although some grinding is due to tension or stress, it’s not possible to tell what causes teeth grinding or how to stop it. This is why it’s necessary to continue wearing the mouth guard.

Prevent Damage

If you’ve had cosmetic work carried out or your teeth have been repaired, teeth grinding may reverse all of that. Even if you’ve never had to repair your teeth, grinding can make your teeth crack, chip, or simply wear out. This leads to direct pain as your teeth flatten, and the nerves or dentin may become exposed. As a result, you may experience sensitivity when you drink or eat. If this damage persists, you might develop gum recession and loose teeth. However, if you wear a night mouth guard, your lower and upper teeth won’t grind against one another, and you’ll avoid possible damage.

Treating TMJ

Severe jaw clenching or teeth grinding can cause TMJ disorder. This could be extremely painful, usually starting as a painful jaw with the periodic headache in the morning. If you have pain in the face or neck, or your jaw aches when eating, report it to us as soon as possible.

It’s vital that your TMJ is treated early with a night mouth guard to stop your teeth from grinding or clenching while you sleep. Otherwise, the TMJ may become severe. When that happens, some patients find it hard even to open the mouth, leave alone speak or eat normally.

For more information about how our night guards and mouth guards can help you, please contact Del Mar Dental at (817) 710-2609 today!
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For more information about how our night guards and mouth guards can help you, please contact Del Mar Dental in Fort Worth today!
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