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Root Canal
Fort Worth, TX

A model of teeth cleaning with titanium metal tooth pick instrument at Del Mar Dental in Fort Worth, TXAt Del Mar Dental, we have dentists experienced in root canal treatment, saving your teeth from extensive damage. If you’ve got a decayed or broken tooth or are experiencing pain in your mouth, we recommend root canal treatment to you. Our friendly, compassionate staff will fix your tooth, address the pain and make sure you’re comfortable during the procedure.

What’s a Root Canal?

We know that many patients are scared of the thought of having a root canal. Many of them worry that the procedure hurts, when in fact the procedure isn’t painful at all. It actually helps to remove the pain associated with inflammation. Every year, we save hundreds of teeth through this simple procedure.

Root canals are needed when the pulp (soft tissue) of the tooth under the white enamel and dentin becomes inflamed or infected. Blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue are found inside the pulp of a tooth. The pulp is vital during the development of a tooth, but a fully grown tooth can do without the pulp.

Pulp inflammation occurs due to various reasons, including deep dental decay, injury, or faulty tooth crowns. It’s important to have a root canal treatment as soon as possible if our dentist recommends it, because failure to do so may lead to complications. Untreated oral infections may lead to abscesses and may even spread to other parts of the neck or face.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Signs that you may require a root canal include severe toothache, extended sensitivity to temperatures, pain when pressure is used or when chewing, tenderness and swelling in the nearby gums, and dark discoloration of the tooth.

But keep in mind that not every tooth that requires a root canal is painful. If you suffer any of the above symptoms, please let us know.

Root Canal Procedure

When performing a root canal, our dentist removes the infected pulp gently and then cleans the affected area. After the tooth is cleaned and disinfected, our dentist fills it with a rubber-like substance and then places a natural-looking dental crown on the tooth to protect it from further damage. The dental crown looks and works like a real tooth, letting you speak and chew comfortably. We administer root canals with anesthetic, which means you’ll not experience pain during treatment.

Everyone dreads a root canal treatment, but if you need one, it should be done right. We offer high-quality dental restorations and have a good track record of carrying out root canals. Our highly qualified dental professionals prioritize your comfort and strive to provide quality services.

Root Canal Cost

The cost of your root canal may vary depending on several factors, including which tooth is damaged and the extent of damage to the tooth. Generally, endodontic treatment is way cheaper than removing a tooth and replacing it with an artificial one. Moreover, the good news is that most dental insurance plans cover a root canal as the procedure is medically necessary.

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At Del Mar Dental, we have dentists experienced in root canal treatment. To arrange a consultation, please contact Del Mar Dental today!
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